Research is at the core of our real estate acquisition platform. We track macro-economic trends that guide us to specific markets across the country. Once markets are targeted they are dissected down to a sub-market level where we identify the best locations in a given market. Further property specific research is generated to identify under-performing properties compared to their peers. Once an area and specific housing assets are identified, our Acquisitions Team systematically targets opportunities. We have become experts in identifying dislocations of asset value and identifying demand trends that increase the likelihood of investment success. Our proactive acquisitions strategy has been honed for nearly four decades of multi-family investment activity. Our rigorous research process is met, if not exceeded, by our vigorous underwriting and due-diligence process. We have a detailed approach to everything we do and utilize this approach to eliminate or mitigate surprises in the acquisitions process. This time-tested, systematic approach has consistently yielded positive results for our investors during our 37 years in business and has often led us into markets and sub-markets ahead of positive mass-market trends.